What is SEO backlinks

Backlink is an external link to site 1, placed on third-party resources: site 2, site 3, etc. In this case, sites 2 and 3 are called donors, site 1 – the acceptor. The quantity and quality of backlinks with their anchors form the external factors of ranking. The quality and quantity of backlinks to some extent affect the ranking of the site and its place in the search engines. Here you can buy SEO backlinks https://buylink.ae/.

Significant parameters for SEO

Until recently, links played a crucial role in the promotion of sites – it came to the point that the placement of a large number of links with direct anchors “pulled” to the top even an empty page. In recent years, links are still one of the factors of ranking, but they are subject to strict requirements. Google is relatively loyal in this matter, but spam is harshly suppressed.

Backlink quality criteria

  1. Correspondence between donor and acceptor topics. It is not known how exactly the search engines determine the subject matter of the site or document, but it is considered that the texts of the donor and acceptor pages (including the content of the tag Title) should tell about one thing.
  2. Age of the donor. In general, old donors are considered more preferable.
  3. The credibility of the donor. It is not known how search engines determine the authority, so optimizers take into account the quality and uniqueness of the content, the audience of the site, as well as the backlinks of the donor – the more links leads to the donor, the greater the reference weight it is presumably able to transfer to the acceptor.
  4. The degree of sleepiness of the donor site. It is commonly believed that the more external links are placed on the pages of the donor site, the worse each of them works.
  5. The number of external links on the page. It is believed that the reference weight is distributed between all external and internal links located on the page – the less such links, the better. Thus to internal references from page of the donor optimizers concern much more quietly, than to external. Anchor links and circumlinked text.

Monetization possibilities

Web-master provides a platform for placing backlinks to the site promoted by the optimizer on its web resource. For placing backlinks webmaster receives a fee from the optimizer. The meeting place of the webmaster and optimizer are specialized forums and reference exchanges, which allow you to buy links in automatic or semi-automatic mode. The higher the formal indicators of the donor site, the more expensive the links from it.

Some owners of large visited sites sell links from them in manual mode – usually within press releases or other promotional materials. Such links (marketing) can give not only a reference weight, but also the target audience. It is believed that search engines do not consider such links as seo-backlinks: they are considered natural and therefore preferable.

Backlinks are an integral part of the promotion of any site. In an era of automated search engine detection of the likelihood of purchased links, the imposition of sanctions for external links, and the struggle for the naturalness of the reference mass for any optimizer requires complete control over external links. Quality over quantity has become a priority. In order to help webmasters and optimizers as the first stage of work on external factors we offer our own tool for searching external links.

There are special services with which you can check the external links to the site (your own or competitors’) and get a full list of backlinks online. After the search for backlinks, you will receive a report in the form of a table indicating the donor’s url, acceptor’s url, page level, anchor and position. The service collects links from different sources, sorts and limits too much from one domain.