Types of PC games

Types of PC games

Now a lot of various computer games have been developed, and their creators release new ones every day. Since the creation of computer games relates to the support of entertainment, their classification is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. Often, a software developer cannot unequivocally indicate the genre of a new game, since it intends to sell this software product to more users, without restricting the range of potential buyers to the genres.

Usually computer games are divided into several types: quests, action, role-playing games (RPG), strategies, simulators, logic and gambling.

Quests – carry out the journey of one or several characters to the goal by overcoming various difficulties.

Action – first-person games – popular adventure games.

Role-playing or RPG – the player plays the role of a particular character and performs the tasks assigned to him.

Strategy and logic games imitate the activities of a manager.

Simulators simulate driving a car, a spaceship, an airplane, etc.

Gambling and logical well develop mental activity.

Hidden objects games that can develop player’s attentiveness. Here is a good website with a great selection of such games https://toomkygames.com/.

Also, computer games can be grouped by the following features:

Character – yes or not.

The existing paid and free games that have a character are diverse: these are action games, RPGs, some types of strategies, quests, etc.

Games without a character – logical, simulators. They have no plot, do not cause highly addictive and do not affect the psyche. Often offer intellectual tasks that develops good thinking.


Game with a lack of character, where the process of the game player controls on his own behalf. A distinctive feature of the strategy is a special system of in-game factors. First, the player makes certain decisions and observes their consequences, and then builds the logic of subsequent actions.


The most famous games that have the right to choose are RPGs, sometimes action games and quests. The player chooses a character by himself, dresses him, gives him abilities. The game provides freedom of action, which affects the process and result of the game. This type of game is highly addictive, the player identifies himself with the character, develops it in his own image and likeness. Gameplay is perceived as a reality. Many RPGs – games resemble fantastic books with the ability to control the main character, which is of particular interest to reading by gamers. Reasonable enthusiasm for such games seems to be addicted to reading books, it is not harmful, on the contrary, it develops imagination, carries away with knowledge of history, reflects reality.

Games with no choice have a linear plot (action). The player identifies himself with the finished character, already endowed with characteristics.

The ramifications of the plot of the game do not depend on the choice of the player, but on the success or chance. Some action games can be played by the team. Such games defuse a person emotionally, and successful passing often depends on the quick reaction of the player.

Also we don’t have to forget about the games on the search for objects, which can be based on an interesting enough plot. You can find these games here https://toomkygames.com/free-download-games/genre/hidden-object. It is important to note that they are an excellent option for the child, which can thus be made to develop attentiveness. Object search games have a positive effect on the human brain and stimulate its activity. In addition, they often have a good interesting plot that involves the player and allows him to relax after a hard day at work.

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