Top 5 Uses For The TIKTOK Video Downloader

A. Save Your Favorite Videos to YouTube, Friend Feed or Cool Sites: In this age of hi-tech world we like to watch funny and humorous video clips. The best and easiest way to share them with our dear ones is – To Download to Cool Site or Video Channel from Tik Tok. By the way you can also save your favorite videos on DVD and keep it for your later enjoyment. You can also store your videos in your computer and add the video player from the site.

B. Download videos without Watermark: Tiktok has a special facility called – No Watermark feature. It is very easy to make tiktok videos without any watermark using this special feature. All you need to do is to activate the ‘no watermark’ option while making the video download.

C. Convert tiktok videos to other App: If you are planning to convert your videos to other app like IOS, Android, Blackberry etc. you can simply transfer the files using iTunes or other transferring apps such as Zune Player. Just download the software ios transfer and install in your computer. When you are ready with the transferred files you can simply transfer them to your IOS device or other iOS devices.

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D. Free Trial version: The tiktok video downloader has a free trial version for select video clips. You can take it for trial and if you like the service, you can avail of the full version. It is absolutely free of cost. Trial version is available for select videos up to 200 seconds in length. If you find that you don’t like the service after the trial version, you can avail of the full version.

E. Copying: You can copy one or more parts of a video with the help of the copying feature of the tiktok video downloader. Copy one video to a new location on your computer. Open the video file in the program of the copying program. Then, select to copy the video from the Clip section. Select the destination location and the name of the video to save it. Once you are done with the copying, you can also convert the video into other formats.

F. Save and Convert to DVD: You can also use the tool to convert tiktok videos into dvd copies. Simply use the copy tool to make duplicate copies. Use the menu option in the copying program to select to save as dvd. Afterwards, open the video in the program of the convert to DVD function and use the toolbar to select to save as dvd copy. Finally, transfer the video to your computer using the flash drive or DVD writer.

G. Video Downloading: The tiktok video downloader is a great tool for the purpose of video recording. You can easily record several videos in different formats such as the mp4 format. The software is easy to install and simple to use. It supports the latest operating systems such as windows 2021, xp and VISTA.