How to insure yourself against cheaters at online casinos?

No one will protect the player better and more effectively than he himself. For this reason, it is necessary to check a number of blacklists of online casinos. They are lists that contain fraudulent gambling sites. A resource where a player can find such lists are specialized sites. They are reputable and contain a lot of useful dry information about gambling resources. But the player can also look for information on other sources, analyze it and make their own conclusions, free from the plans of marketers, whose goal – to attract a new solvent audience at any cost. For example, if you want to know more about 888 casino promotions, you should use the site

Even if a player has made a mistake at this stage and still fell into the clutches of fraudsters, he should lastly panic and furiously threaten the representatives of the casino support service. Need to remain as calm as possible, regardless of the amount of money on the account balance. A sober mind will prompt the best solution to the problem. Remember – you are not alone. There are whole organizations that are willing to offer pro bono assistance. This resource has a special interface that not only collects, but also systematizes players’ complaints. This helps to respond and help much faster.

It is also possible to send complaints in writing or call the regulatory organizations. The main thing that should be clear once and for all – you should never give up (that’s what scammers expect). Regardless of the withdrawal amount, you must fight for it, as if for $1 million. You will keep your own, and the scammer will think twice before brazenly stealing money from your clients.

How long does it take to make a deposit and withdrawal?

This part is the Achilles’ heel for most virtual gamblers. There are often no problems with the deposit. Money appears on the balance of the casino almost instantly if we are talking about the use of virtual wallets. In the case of bank cards you have to wait a few days. In order to thoroughly understand the process of withdrawal, it should be divided into three stages.

  • The first stage is called “Waiting Period”. The player is given some time to change his mind and return the money intended for withdrawal back to the balance of the account and continue to play.
  • The second stage is called “Processing”. It is understood that the administration has received the player’s request for withdrawal and deals with it in order to ensure the safety of the money transfer. Also, during this period the player’s activity can be checked. If the staff finds fraudulent activity, at best the money will be frozen. It should also be remembered that the first withdrawal will be the longest, as support will require documents for confirmation of identity. Their verification will also take time.
  • The last stage is nothing but a financial tranche – the transfer of money from the online casino account to the player’s account. It is processed according to bank regulations (2-3 banking days). Virtual wallets are the fastest way. No wonder that in the past few years, this method holds an unquestionable leadership (93%).

If you want to find a reliable casino, you should use specialized sites. For example, you can get full information about platinum play flash casino here This site will help you check the casino and get more reliable information about its reliability. If you are interested in it, then start using this resource.